I purchased the Delonghi Pinguino portable AC 12,500 btu unit at Costco today for close to 400.00. What a hassle it was to bring the unit home and lug it up my staircase.

I finally put the unit together. I discover the exhaust hose was 12 inches long (way too short) and would not reach my window (just a regular window). I called Delonghi customer service who stated the unit was supposed to come with a 3 feet hose. The company obviously packaged the wrong hose with the unit.

I was told the company would mail me the correct hose. I was willing to wait for the hose. I asked the obvious, confirming I would not have to pay for any shipping. She told me they will not pay the shipping and I would need to pay for the shipping.

WHAT??? I PAID to have the correct hose when purchasing the unit. Why is the customer paying for their mistake? I said 'forget it..

I'm returning this to Costco'.

So here I go again with all the hassle to take this unit back to Costco! This company is ripping customers off!!!

Monetary Loss: $390.

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Woburn, Massachusetts, United States #1175596

I believe the hose that came with the unit is correct. I just purchased a similar unit (14000 btu) at Costco and just finished setting it up. The 12" inch hose is collapsed like an accordion and can be stretched out to the 3 feet that you require to vent it out the window.


Mine came with the same flexible hose - The hose stretches out like a slinky to 3 feet when you pull it!


I bought the same unit from Costco and it too had a 1-foot hose. Instead of losing my mind and calling the company, I pulled the hose from both ends, thus extending it to 3-feet. Not rocket science folks!!!!!


Costco has a great return policy, and would, I am sure, either refund directly or exchange the unit.

Granada Hills, California, United States #816525

hello....the hose that comes with that unit is expandable....just grab both ends and stretch apart....it will be 3 feet long when you finish.......

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